Ferries and other fun

It’s impossible to visit Hong Kong for any length of time and not find your way on the charming Star Ferry.  Since we watch them daily from our window, it quickly became an obsession for Astrid (and an interest for everyone else.

We’ve taken a few rides across the harbour since we arrived.  The ride itself only takes about 8 min and arrive at frequencies more akin to a metro than to the ferries in say the Bay Area.  It costs only $3.5 Hong Kong dollars to ride on a weekend – the equivalent of 45 cents or 0.45.  Note that I couldn’t find the symbol for US cents.  Suffice to say it’s the cheapest kid entertainment imaginable.

Getting on at Central ferry terminal

On one of our ventures, Astrid and I went to the Yung Po Street bird market in Kowloon.  While we saw may fun birds, this was by far the highlight.​

​​Here are some shots from the ferry.

What to do with blank walls

Yep, this apartment had nothing, and I mean NOTHING, on the walls.  I knew the sterile feeling of an asylum would get to me, I just wasn’t sure how to fill the space. The IKEA here doesn’t have the “art” section like the ones in the States and I wasn’t lucking out just roaming the streets.  But then Julie suggested I just buy canvases and let the girls do the rest.  Brilliant!  Score!  And we managed not to destroy the place!  Now I have to figure out how to hang them.  Next post.

Happy 3rd Birthday Freya

Freya had her third birthday at the end of our second week here.  Fortunately our friends Pinder and Erica and their two boys, Xander and Nico, celebrated with us.  Our building has an outdoor play and BBQ area so we cooked and celebrated outside.  It’s hard to believe she’s already three!

An overview – Astrid and Freya in Hong Kong

Hello family and friends.  I know it seem like forever since we left Berkeley but really its only been a few weeks.  My goal is to post to the blog weekly going forward but don’t hold me to that.   We began our adventure on January 19th 2017, or at least Freya and I did.  Astrid came down with a fever/virus and she had to stay back with Bill until she was well enough to travel.  Fortunately that was only two days.  We are still settling in and getting used to our new life here.   The girls have started school and are getting used to a new routine.  We take the bus to school in the morning and usually a taxi home in the afternoon. 

There are many busses, trollys, taxis, and other forms of transit in Hong Kong.  The girls know our address and which bus numbers get them to and from school.  They ride elevators many times a day and are working on getting over their fear of escalators.  Their school is a small building of 10 floors.  Their classrooms are on separate floors so it’s quite a traffic jam in the mornings and afternoons at pickup and dropoff.   Astrid’s classroom is on the 8th floor and Freya’s on the 3rd.

Our apartment is on the 31st floor 
of a very new high rise in a district called Sai
Ying Pun.  We were a little startled at the lack of furnishings upon our arrival but after half a dozen trips to Ikea it’s starting to feel more normal.

More than anything, the girls love watching Hong Kong’s tallest building, the ICC, light up across Victoria Harbour at night. Our view is really spectacular.