Ferries and other fun

It’s impossible to visit Hong Kong for any length of time and not find your way on the charming Star Ferry.  Since we watch them daily from our window, it quickly became an obsession for Astrid (and an interest for everyone else.

We’ve taken a few rides across the harbour since we arrived.  The ride itself only takes about 8 min and arrive at frequencies more akin to a metro than to the ferries in say the Bay Area.  It costs only $3.5 Hong Kong dollars to ride on a weekend – the equivalent of 45 cents or 0.45.  Note that I couldn’t find the symbol for US cents.  Suffice to say it’s the cheapest kid entertainment imaginable.

Getting on at Central ferry terminal

On one of our ventures, Astrid and I went to the Yung Po Street bird market in Kowloon.  While we saw may fun birds, this was by far the highlight.​

​​Here are some shots from the ferry.

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